Muzzling The Protectors

No one likes to be contradicted. So ordering silence when one can serves a purpose. The problem is that this has been going on for ages and we now as the human race will be the ones to suffer for it – again.

Just when we thought we were making progress in the world coming to terms with issues that are affecting our very survival as a species. We had been warned decades ago by scientists like Rachel Carson and conservationists and naturalists like Grey Owl.

The threats are not new.

The fact that the broader public is being informed is.

In my experience, in Canada, it used to be that when something bad was going to be publicly identified the conservative government changed the Minister of that portfolio. Sometimes even the top bureaucrat of the department was moved as well.

Many mornings I would awake with thoughts of an issue soon to be discussed and hopefully solved to discover that overnight not only did the figurehead morph into a somewhat shorter/taller version of whom I expected to deal with but the sex had changed too.

The result? Stop. Desist. Wait, for at the least six months while we get the new kid on the block familiar with ALL the myriad of issues involved in a decision being made on that issue. We’ll call you.

The Donald just added a caveat to his minions: A media blackout at the EPA effectively barring staff from awarding any new contracts or grants. This as part of a broader communications clampdown within the executive branch, which includes “detailed specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency’s social media accounts.”

The message is clear. So to the industries, pipe line proposers, polluters extraordinaire, in the U.S. it is full speed ahead. Do what you want, the watchdog is muzzled. You’re welcome.

The Fox.

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