Now you might ask yourself from time to time….”What use is a Canadian… and how can they be recognized?”

Well . . . they are cute, cuddly little things, non-assuming, humble, placid and oh so polite. …

Visitors from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

LOOK up in the sky . . .
Canadians, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel with their bare hands, and who, disguised as the average man mild-mannered, and cute (Paul Gross-like) fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, HOCKEY and the North American way.

A few Canadian Actors…

Jim Carey, Ryan Gosling, Tom Green, Pam Anderson, Will Arnet, Dan Aykroyd, Justin Bieber, Raymond Burr, Neve Campbell, John Candy, Tom Cavanagh, Michael Cera, Tommy Chong, Michael J. Fox, Nathan Fillion, Lorne Green, Graham, Green, Paul Gross, Phillip Hartman, Jill Hennessy, Corey Haim, Natasha Henstridge, Michael Ironside, Margot Kidder, Taylor Kitsch, Eugene Levy, Evangeline Lily, Rachel McAdams, Eric McCormack, Dean McDermott, Norm MacDonald, Howie Mandel, Leslie Neilson, Mike Myers, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rick Moranis, Catherine O’Hara, Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Mary Pickford, Christopher Plummer, Sarah Polley, Jason, Priestly, Ryan Reynolds, Caroline, Rhea, Seth Rogen, Will Sasso, William Shatner, Martin Short, Donald Sutherland, Alan Thicke, Brendan Fraser

Some Canadian Musicians…

The Tragically Hip, Rush, Helix, I Mother Earth, Sloan, Our Lady Peace, Nickelback, The Guess Who, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, A Simple Plan, Theory of a Dead Man, Triumph, Lighthouse, the Stampeders, Chilliwack, Thor, VoiVod, BTO, April Wine, Teenage Head, Goddo, Moxy, The Killer Dwarfs, Saga, Red Rider, Honeymoon Suite, 54-50, the Arcade Fire, and of course, let’s not forget Anvil! How about Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, Glass Tiger, Frozen Ghost, Sheriff, Soul Attorneys, Gordon Lightfoot, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Never Ending White Lights, Moxy, Five Man Electrical Band, Loverboy, Helix, Steppenwolf, Barenaked Ladies, Crash Test Dummies, Aldo Nova, Headpins

And other Canadian inventions of note …

Manure spreader
McIntosh Red apple
Peanut Butter, Instant mashed potatoes
Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Nanaimo Bar
Butter tarts

television camera
Standard Time
atomic clock
Java programming language
Black Berry
56k modem
Bruton compass
IMax movie system
Radio telephony
Fathometer (sonar)
computerized Braille

separable baggage check
first commercial jetliner
electric street car
variable pitch propeller
crash position indicator
the parclo – partial cloverleaf
uno motorcycle
JACO- robotic arm for wheelchair
power knee – robotic leg device
birch bark canoe
electric wheelchair
prosthetic hand
compound steam engine
electric car

snow blower
rotary snowplow

gas mask
Canadian pipe mine
the Bear trap (helicopter device)

table hockey game
goalie mask
multi-dynamic image technique
Five pin bowling
Ice hockey
instant replay
Trivial Pursuit

Cobalt-60 cancer treatment
electron microscope
Explosives Vapour Detector
A process to extract Bromine
Bone Marrow Compatibility Test
process for producing Calcium Carbide
invented the process of Acetylene production

Easy-Off Oven
The garbage bag
The jolly jumper
Caesar (cocktail)
Bi-pin connector
Cardiac pacemaker
Alkaline battery
Automatic Lubricating Cup
Caulking gun
Electric Oven
Egg carton

A process for distilling Kerosene
A process for making pulped wood paper
The paint roller
The Robertson screw
Ardox Spiral Nail
The Marrette wire connector
The rotary vane pump


Now my friend boB wants to lay claim to a few of these but he really has no proof …

I mean do you believe that he created the first Wonderbra when trying to catch his pet raccoon, willomeniA during the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 ?

Really boB?

And of course we KNOW (chuckle) that he was a’courtin’ memphiS minniE when she wrote the famous “When the Levee Breaks” which was then reworked by Led Zeppelin, and became one of that group’s most famous songs…

Dream on boBby – boy…dream on….eH?


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