The Summer of Transformation – 2016





Every year it is something new in our garden. This year it was the incredible, heat and drought conditions from early spring to almost fall… Spring was lovely. My husband worked hard getting our gardens open. Then the rain stopped. The heat continued for days, weeks. At one point my husband said he was thinking of getting a third rain barrel. I asked what he was going to put in it.

The only thing that prospered and actually ‘grew’ in our garden this summer was my fairy tale shed. Out of the ashes and burnt earth dust arose this magnificent little crooked shed nestled in the shaded area at the back of our garden under the large billowing summer blooms of the purple Smoke tree and its puffy, cloud-like “smoky” overhang…

After a long, hot, sweaty summer of building, no nails used on this baby, all dowels and glue my husband’s vision of my shed began to emerge. Cedar smells lovely and weathers well too. No paint required. The cedar shingles were a feat on the steep pitch of this crocked little roof, but they look great. Two “owl windows” on the north wall just add to its charm.


I have had friends ask to move in but until we get a long enough extension cord there is no electricity and the garden hose just barely reaches so alas it will stay a beautiful, unique garden ornament, sheltering our many pots, hangers, gazing balls and faux animal decorations from the winter freezes and thaws.


Wonder what we’ll ‘grow’ next year?




Plans for this project will soon be available for purchase online. Stay tuned. (We have to pay for it somehow – just kidding…lol)



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