I’m afraid Mr. Ford should have thought of “his children” when he undertook a criminal act. Just because he has passed away doesn’t change the facts or legacy he has left his family.

And other ‘politicians’ need to realize that just because they are in a public office they cannot get away with things like this….

Lies eventually catch up with you and as they say, “Karma can be a bitch.”

Now maybe Mr. Trump might argue this fact, but hey – we are in Canada – eh?

And what about The Donald’s own version of “Hanoi Hannah”, Katrina Pierson?

hhShe couldn’t argue her way out of a proverbial paper bag but my bet is she gets paid big bucks to slap on the makeup and try on national TV no less. Really?

Does he really think she’s effective at – anything?

Maybe it’s time for Donald Trump to look at the legacy he is leaving, not only to his children, who at present seem content to follow in ‘daddy’s  well-heeled’ foot-prints all the way to the bank, but now to his grandchildren as well.

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