C.A.T.S. (Conspiracy Against The Surreptitious)

Open Letter to the grandstanders, sycophants, demagogues, errr… ummmm, ‘politicans:


By all means license cats.

That’ll make the little beggars stay in their own yards. Policing it might be a bit onerous but my bet is whomever came up with this idea has more up their sleeves than just arms.

But what are you going to do about squirrels and raccoons and oh yeah, the wandering, marauding opossums? Not sure who you’d go to for their licensing fees, but hey … Great idea guys.

Maybe you could find a way to charge for the rain too?

I know – you could put rain gauges in everyone’s yard and charge them by the inch. Wouldn’t get much this year but in the future, way in the future, you might even make up the costs associated with this sort of cretinous idea. (And btw, that doesn’t mean creative…LOL)


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