The Power of Voodoo … Who do? … You do

So it appears that whether you think of regional council as a labyrinth, or an oubliette, it can indeed function as both…and for all intents and purposes does explicitly… ad infinitum… on a regular basis…

You remind me of the babe…♫♪

Try being a citizen asking a direct question in Niagara today…

The citizens at the May 19th meeting asked for an audit of the NPCA…not a value for money discussion of their operations and not to just be put on another committee’s agenda to decide whether, or not, to proceed.

Maybe that’s the problem. English and communication.

What babe? The babe with the power…♫♪

Once all hell broke loose with councilors accusing the delegation of engaging in “misinformation,” borderline “libelous comments” and a “smear campaign”, no one was really focusing on the issue, question or motion for that matter.


What power? The power of voodoo…♫♪

The bottom line is citizens want to know what is needed to get an experimental idea supported on lands protected by law in the Province of Ontario. We don’t need to investigate whether we are getting value for money spent. We actually already have views on this subject.

What we need to find out is who we have to ‘know’ to get such a project through the system?

Or am I wrong? Are there a set of protocols, based on real scientific studies, undertaken by experts, which in turn support allowing experimental processes to be tried in wetlands? Or, is this just a case of political will, pure and simple?

Who do? You do…♫♪

And THAT is what we want an audit to investigate…



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