Through The Looking Glass

Lately I feel like I’m Alice and I just fell into the Rabbit’s hole. Didn’t know it was in Niagara but, I digress…

The perpetual Tea Party is taking place with an insane Mad Hatter shaking his fist, while the March Hare and all the White Kings are sitting at the table nodding their collective heads all the while making rude comments staggered with their innate clumsiness, silliness and stupidity.

The rest of the region slowly goes to hell in a hand basket. Sound familiar?

Does no one understand the principle of not leaving FOXES in charge of the Chicken Coop? Or as I like to refer to it … a Conflict of Interest?

Seems to me if you belong to a group whose actions lead to a vote for a review to be conducted by an unbiased party then you and your cronies should NOT be allowed to vote on whether it is required. 

The way I see it … Me? I’d vote that I did an admirable job and that there is no need for anyone to scrutinize my work. I’d be the fool not to….

AHEM… Now look at the details of the ‘vote’ taken last week at Regional Council…

Below are lists of Councillors who voted  ‘NO” for a review of the work/decisions of the NPCA.  You decide whether you think they had a Conflict of Interest (perceived or otherwise) and should not have been allowed to vote…

a) Niagara Falls reps. 4 out of 4 against a review that could hinder a project in N.F., surprise, surprise!





b) Mayors, all of whom sit on the NPCA and so have a conflict of interest?

Campion, Welland

Darte, N-o-t-L

Diodati, N.F.

Joyner, W. L.

Kenny, for Mayor, Pt. Col.

c) The rest of NPCA Committee members also voted ‘NO’

Anunziata, Ft. Erie

Campion, Welland

Darte, N-o-t-L

Diodati, N.F.

Joyner, W.L.

Kenny, Pt. Col.

Quirk, Grimsby

Timms, St. Catharines (CHAIR)

And (drum roll…) the ONLY person not a NPCA committee member, Mayor, and/or from Niagara Falls who voted ‘NO’… to an outside review

Petrowski, St. Catharines

Now the vote was won by a margin of one vote so a review will take place but this type of voting should never have taken place the way it did and needs to be righted. Maybe the Municipal Act has some rules?


And last we heard Tweedledum and Tweedledee were seen arguing in the parking lot grinning a lot, yelling out rude expletives, and generally being mischievous, and sometimes even violent as boys often can be.


    The Lion and the Unicorn fight over a crown, then eat white and brown bread and plum-cake,then get drummed out of town.



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