NPCA’s — RUMPELSTILTSKIN – Just movin’ things around

Once upon a time . . .  a group of foreigners offered great wealth to those in authority if they could just give up a tiny bit of their protected lands. The Queen of the province had already made a deal with the wealthy developers and told Rumpelstiltskin, the leader of the authority to find a way to change the laws without it looking like they were selling off the protected and threatened species that lived in these slough forests of Niagara.

The authority thought and thought and finally came up with a plan. They called it biodiversity offsetting. Rumpelstiltskin argued that if the authority gave the wealthy Chinese investors the lands they coveted they would be able to reproduce, restore the lost wetland, including the slough forest, within a few years in another location. Voila.

Who wouldn’t believe such an ingenious plan would work?

After all who wouldn’t believe a Rumpelstiltskin ( a mischievous spirit that clatters and moves around objects) – right?

Hmmm someone must be owed a favour from Mother Nature, eh?

Those who didn’t agree pointed out that the wet lands in Niagara are important slough forested wetlands and are unique in all of Canada. They are globally significant as they foster a degree and a number of biological forms that can’t be found anywhere else.

However that didn’t stop the authority or Rumpelstiltskin. Even with mounting concern, protests and scientists arguing against their made-up “biodiversity offsetting” plans they soldiered on.

So far, the story has no real ending. However those of us who remember our Grimm fairy Rumpelstiltskintales know who won in the end and it wasn’t good old Rumpelstiltskin was it now? Ha..ha..ha…

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