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Note to self

Note to self:
You can multi-task as much as you want as long as you are sitting to do so.

You are too old to do it while mobile, or – you become immobile immediately – and for the foreseeable future

Late afternoon, Saturday, October 24th:

We took Aidan, our youngest grandson (on this side of the ocean…lol)… who just turned 8, bowling for his birthday party Saturday, him and his friends and cousins to the alleys in Port Dalhousie.

The party was great, the rates reasonable and the kids love the fact that it is all done up in a black light decor. Anyway after we finished and were packing up, the kids were playing around on the floor doing dance moves, break dancing etc., in front of the lanes because it was slippery and they could slide around in the colourful disco-ball lighting. One of the staff told them to move out of the area and they did but Aidan who wasn’t there didn’t hear that and so went right back to the same spot and started his own little dance, floor cleaning moves.

I tried calling out to him to get his attention and tell him to get off the floor but the music was too loud for him to hear me so – without thinking – I walked over to tell him.

Should have watched the floor and not the kid.

There is a short step and I having socks on instead of shoes or bare feet lost my footing and slipped, then fell on my good ankle, immediately resulting in (IMHO, as a former nurse) a sprain or separated ankle bone injury….Because it is my right foot I will not be able to drive for a while, or walk, get shoe on etc., …lol… for that matter.

Lucky for me, not so much for them…lol… my sons Kieran and Brendan were there to carry me to the car and into the house when we got home…

Sunday, October 25th:

Didn’t sleep very well. By the time I got up I didn’t have 6 hours together where I could go hang around the Niagara Health System facility in order to get a second opinion on my diagnosis – Oh, right and an x-ray … LOL So I compromised. I continued to use ice and heat, keep my foot elevated, wear a tensor bandage and use a cane when walking. I promised that I would go and get an x-ray and a second opinion on Monday for sure. Pain medication and a little bit of vodka got me through night two.

Monday, October 26th:

Foot is really swollen, purple and painful. Spent almost 5 hours at the ER. Two x-rays and a stale egg salad and wilted lettuce sandwich later I was told it was a severe soft tissue injury (a sprain) and sent home to apply ice and heat, rest and keep it elevated.

Tuesday, October 27th:

Decided to go out to my meeting, since it was only a sprain and keeping mobile aids in circulation and healing – right?

Was only home less than an hour when the hospital phoned and told me that there had been a “discrepancy” in my x-rays and because of which I needed to come back in and spend another glorious afternoon at Chez NHS’s Urgent Care department (a true oxymoron). Turns out the ‘discrepancy’ is an avulsion fracture (a portion of cortical bone ripped from the rest of the bone by the attached ankle tendon).

Note: If you ever need crutches I suggest you learn how to use them when you are healthy and not injured?

Today I got a choice of a cast and crutches or a ‘boot’ and cane. Wanting to survive this injury I chose the boot and cane.

Tomorrow we get to spend another few hours waiting to see an orthopedic specialist… Cannot express how much I am looking forward to another hospital visit…

I am wondering if we have already spent enough money parking this week to own a spot?