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Is this just an example of a screwed up sense of entitlement? . . .You tell me

She must think like this to act as she has….

I feel like I never had what I needed, so I don’t feel bad about taking what I want, be it hoarding family mementoes, memories and history, or just taking whatever object I wanted at the time. Taking doesn’t (always) mean theft, but it did mean I sometimes shorted others, or made them wait, or whatever. If I wanted it, I would get it, because I deserved it. Rules, laws, and social contracts are for people who need guidelines. I don’t, so I make my own rules and don’t care if anyone likes them. You people just don’t know any better. If you did, you wouldn’t question me.


Maybe in her warped mind she has done us all a favour by writing a book. The fact that she told no one (meaning my sister, her fraternal twin, or myself), that any of the information about my grandfather’s and father’s war experiences even existed shows a sense of entitlement beyond belief.

Yes, of course now we can pay $20.00 to purchase her book. Thanks to her we can now read all about our grandfather’s and  father’s lives …. Isn’t that special of her?


It has now been seven and a half years since our father passed and until June 2 of 2015, when she announced her book was published I knew nothing of my grandfather’s life as told by him in his personal diaries. She found those diaries in my father’s papers and kept them from us. She also obtained our dad’s military records as executor of his estate and never shared them with my sister or me either. Somehow she seems to think that they are her personal property and no one, her older sister or twin deserve to even know they exist let alone what is in them.

And don’t get me started on pictures. Many in her book were ones we have never seen before. Others we have in storage since no one wanted them when the estate was cleaned out. These she took from a personal FB site without permission. She also published other photos taken by my family which were not hers to publish without license. Not one photo was taken by her.

She should be ashamed. Being a narcissist she, of course, is not.

Maybe she sees this as her right because as she points out in her book, she was the “son my father never had” and his favourite. She was also, according to her book, my uncle’s favourite too so of course she deserves anything she wants. I’m positive they are both rolling over in their graves on hearing that voiced aloud, let alone in print.

The sad thing is that narcissistic entitlement has nothing to do with real self-worth; that is, the belief that one is worthy of accomplishments earned through hard work. Instead, the narcissist is like a young child who never learned she is not the center of the universe and throws tantrums when outsiders don’t meet their narcissistic demands.

The thought process goes like this . . . If you don’t do what I want I will become highly offended, make threats, plead with you, or criticize and blame you. If that upsets you, that’s your fault. And please don’t bother me with your feelings about it. It upsets me when you don’t see yourself as inferior to me.

… and from now on I won’t let her focus on anyone other than me….